Thursday, 26 January 2012

Madam Rohani Haji Harun

Our BEAUTIFUL mommy..=)

Haiee dolls, meet my mum.Rohani Haji Harun aka Datin Anne.
# She's beautiful of course
# She owns 2 Prince and 5 Princess
#Love to try new recipes
#Very supportive n sporting (that's why anak2 nakal)..Lol
#Kind of "giler-giler" person bile berjumpe geng
#Soft-spoken,calm and relax even masalah berat mane melande..
#Just like her daughter, even others do or talk BAD THINGGYYY to her...
she will just keep silent...
#Sangat kuat berfesyen dan berposing
#Kuat melatah bende bukan2..hahah
# Will do anything untuk mengenyangkan anak2nyer..
#Baju kurung die penuh 3 almari besar..hahaha
#Love to laugh too much!!
#Malas sikit nk masak tyme malam,.haha,
#Suke bercakap (unlike me..hahaha)
# Sangat manjekan Aneesha
#Boros..opppss (same)

y' all see, I just feel so proud with her. Even there's a person or people do or talk bad things bout her, she just keep smile.
So I guess her behavior goes to me. Bukan nk perasan or whateva, but its true. Like me, orang cakap bad things bout me atau buat jahat to me, i will just ignore it. Xdenye sampai nk benci2 orang tu.Tu hal diorang dengan Allah. We just trying to be nice to others but they just didn't appreciated but talking s*** thing bout us to others. This people mmg xtau  nk berterime kasih or bersyukur maybe. Omg....ok fine. There U go..Like what after all she had through, and all the things that she tells me, I know she crying and feel upset but didn't show to us. I know how its feel bile kite dh buat baik dgan orang but then orang tu kutuk2 belakang n fitnah kite. They think that they're perfect enough  to tease or critic others. Oh my God (Someone), Xsangke kamu begitu..muke nmpak innocent,baik, tapi belakang tuhan je lah yg tau. Why you did that to them huh?? Why xtahu berterime kasih? Why xbersyukur dengan nikmat yg dh Allah bagi?Why xreti nk menjage hati sesame manusie? *Sighh*I dont know I just feel so angry bout this. Like ok ALHAMDULILLAH...aku xde bff mcam orang lain. Just be friend with all. Suke, benci,nyampah dengan aku?Lantak korang. Im not too naive to BODEK y'all..At least Im not hypocrite you allss...hahaha...Xsuke pegilah M%*&%..!!Ok fine, stop it Awin..u r nice gurl ryte..huh!! actually no need to story here, just what my mum n dad had been through with all this kind of person really amaze me. Lepas satu masalah, satu masalah lagi timbul n they will try their best to make us happy.

Sometimes rase amat bersalah bile buat ape2 tanpe persetujuan diorang, tanpe tahu keadaan sebenar diorang..
I'm so sorry...If sering merungut or complain on certain things.Well, daughter just being a daughter, sometimes akan mengade sedikit.heee....But just don't worry. Xpenting pun semue tu, bia je dgan orang lain, put away whatever they said because they just don't understand !!Mereke akan terus bercakap dan bercakap sampai letih. So biarkan, biarkan je sampai mereke puas!! Puas mentertawekan orang, puas membuat orang lain terasa hati or whatever. Seriously, peoples like this xkan ke mane,. As u always advice me, Sabar dan sabar. So its my turn to support you, What I can say,Just neglect it IBU!! As long we are together in this house, n Happy...Walaupun ramai, macam2 kerenah dan kehendak, but Im so happy with this BIG FAMILY!! Xsabar nk bercuti same2 lagi!!! I just Love you all DAMN MUCH!!
 I'll make sure that one fine day  our family will be happy, happier and happiest!!!!

And one more, thank you so much mum for support all my decision. Teruje sangat bile ibu sudi terime kedatangan Mr E ke rumah. Ingat nk marah, but you just treat him so well. Same goes to ayah, siap bentangkan sejadah untuk die solat.
 Seriously, terharu. Mr E pun begitu, die cakap semoga hubungan kami berkekalan sebab bakal mertue dah bentangkan sejadah..hehehe..Aminn..(mod gatal). I know mum, u always advice me to be nice to others, never hurts other feelings, and you want me to LOVE the right person. Insyaallah, he will be the one.hehe..One again, THANK YOU MOM..=)

Your Cutey Daugter (Awin aka Eezwin)
Mummy's Daughter...<3 <3 <3

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