Monday, 13 February 2012


Rakan model katewww...hahahahha

Meet Puteri Awani. I adore her hair,her skin, everything!!!=p

ni namenyer mengular..hahaha
Another two days and bye-bye intern's life. Hahahha...Frankly speaking, I really happy doing my internship here. Both at Petrosains and also Skybridge Visit. Well, even I am no longer will do my practical here, but I will continuously working here as a volunteer.


First time masuk, rase bosan aje memanjang. Kene layan budak2 sekolah, visitors sumer...Totally no-no for me untuk customer service. Sampai my along says." Ko ni jenis boleh keje office je,"..okeyh..xfaham why he said so. Okey fine..but then dah lame2, rase best sgt..then sngat gembire bile dapat member ramai n most of them are volunteers. From different U, background and even sometimes baru kenal je kitorang dh bergosip itu ini. Hahahah...We have so much fun, okeyh..Lagi2 bile kene jage BYB station kan, hahaha..Then, bile time lunch break je sume baju kuning keluar beramai2..hahaha..But then, ramai yg dh xde skrg..ramai yg sambung study, ade yg dh koje. n si Nasafi Azman akan fly ke Sydney this Saturday. Serious am jealous.  Xde teman lagi dah nk gelak kuat2..Hahahha..tgok je die tu lalok gituww an.hahaha...but A-level student tu. neway,good luck frennn!! And big thankx to all staf yg tersangat giloo kepale mereka. (certainlah kan...hikhik), Tapi mereke sume mmg giler bergambar macam shayer,hahaha..Thanx for all guidance and support selame saye di sini.Arigatoo.....=). And today unexpectedly, I was being invited to join them to visit KL Tower and also Aquaria, I will post it later!!!Because am toooo tired now. seriously sangat letih rase badan neyh. Aduh cane lah kalo dh keje btul nnti..huhuhu..Its okeyh, u can do it honey!!! (motivate myself,LOL)..K,Till then, bye peeps..=)

u're rock!!

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