Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sorry, sorry and sorry....

  1. I'm sorry I let you down..
  2. I'm sorry I still not ready to ACCEPT ANYBODY in my life as for now.
  3. I'm sorry because maybe sometimes I always talk & talk to you bout my life.
  4. Thank you because tell me the truth & tidak memakse untuk menerime kamu...
  5. I've warned you before to not fall in LOVE with me.
  6. I'm sorry but maybe I can just be you friend. Not even more than that.
  7. I'm sorry because I don't know what to say. I'm confused, feel terrible and extremely shock.
  8. I'm sorry to say that I don't love anyoone as for now.
  9. Maybe I cepat mesre dgan kawan, but it doesn't mean that I will Love you as well. Its hard for me.
  10. Thank you for being my good good friend.
p/s: Terime kasih sebab mengaku. Terime kasih sebab dapat menerime penolakan saye. Terime kasih kerane tidak memakse dan mempersoalkan kenape saye begini. Saye tidak menyangke langsung kamu akan fall in love dgan saye. Sudahlah sudahlah sudahlah....saye tidak ingin bercinte LANGSUNG buat mase sekarang..Terime Kasih sekali lagi. (Mood tgah bercelaru, tetibe teringat kenangan dulu, bile akhirnye diri sendiri akan dipersalahkan. Kes macam ni jugak. And yeah, I better be awaayyyy from all this CRAP!!!)

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